Tell All Thursday: New Year, New Way of Doing Things

Tell All Thursday: New Year, New Way of Doing Things

Wow-y - We've just begun Year 3 of Four All Ice Cream in the Kitchener-Waterloo community! Now that we're another year wiser, we're launching a new way to create and release our seasonal flavours based on everything we've learned these past 2 years.



Since the beginning, we've committed to changing up 8 of our 12 flavours every single month to reflect the changes in the food around us throughout the year. We loved this challenge; it never let us sit comfortably and we were always thinking ahead to educate ourselves about what's growing, where, and how we could make it into ice cream. Despite overcoming this challenge (and with grace, we must say) we've learned that it doesn't do proper justice to have flavours fly in and out so quickly.



2019 is bringing some new ways of doing things at Four All. In order to foster longer and better partnerships with farmers and other suppliers we're extending our seasonal flavour timeline into actual seasons: Winter flavours from January-March, Spring flavours for April and May, Summer flavours from June-August, Fall Flavours from September to mid-November, and Holiday Flavours for mid-November and December.




Here are a few reasons why this new seasonal shift is so exciting:

  • Flavours by the season means that you'll get to enjoy your favourites for much longer (2-3 months at a time)
  • Along the way we'll also create limited flavours to celebrate occasions like Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, Our Birthday and more!
  • More time between new flavours will give us opportunities to explore new products and offerings such as Topping Sets, and launching our ice cream sandwiches
  • This shift will also means more opportunities for flavour collaborations with some of or favourite KW food businesses



We'll be launching the first in our new seasonal flavours next Wednesday, January 9th! We're so excited to show you what we've been working on.




Love & Ice Cream,

Four All Ice Cream


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