Tell All Thursday: Vista Hills Ice Cream Fundraiser

Tell All Thursday: Vista Hills Ice Cream Fundraiser

We've teamed up with Vista Hills Public School in Waterloo to help them get a playground by creating ice cream flavours!


You may not know, but when communities are given schools, playgrounds are not included. Usually, these playgrounds are donated by community members or organizations. Vista Hills in Waterloo has taken their own initiative to bringing a playground to their school.


So far they have had students from the University of Waterloo draw up playground designs as part of a competition. They have decided to take elements from a few of the designs.


To get the ball rolling on bringing the playground to life, Vista Hills asked us to help them run a fundraiser for the month of June. Each class at the school dreamt up a unique ice cream flavour to present to us. We are narrowing down the flavours and will be presenting them to you soon. Maybe we will need your help to vote the flavours that get churned for real in June... ! 


Whatever flavours get chosen and scooped, Four All Ice Cream will be donating the sales to Vista Hills. Stay tuned to hear more in the coming weeks!


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