Supplier Series: Eby Manor

Jim Eby and his Guernseys. Image from Eby Manor website.

If you drink milk and live in Waterloo Region, you’ve probably come across Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk. In 1 litre glass bottles, they stand out from other, more conventional milks on the shelves at your grocery store. However, there is much more than just the bottle that sets them apart from other milks.


Jim Eby is the 2nd generation now running the Eby Manor farm in Waterloo County where milk and cream is produced by 60 Guernsey cows. His father started the farm in 1959, and Jim's daughter and son-in-law will be the farm's 3rd generation. All generations have had a compassion for the cows, giving them each a name and recognizing their unique personalities, making it clear that the Eby family strongly correlates quality care with quality milk. Jim explains that Guernsey cow milk has always had naturally exceptional quality, and he seeks to maintain that quality by staying close to what's natural and feeding the cows only locally sourced, non-GMO feed.


The choice for packaging Eby Manor milk in glass bottles is an extension of maintaining this quality. Jim says besides the obvious environmental benefits, glass bottles ensure the milk doesn't pick up any flavours, keeping it tasting better and colder. Guernsey milk is also naturally more colourful and he wants people to see that colour on the shelves.



This colour is thanks to what Eby Manor calls the "Guernsey advantage" since Guernsey milk is naturally higher in nutrients such as beta-carotene and calcium and it has a different casein protein called A2. Jim believes one of the most important components of Guersney milk is the A2 protein since many people who experience milk intolerance can comfortably drink milk with A2 protein. He explains that most other milks contain the A1 protein which can cause reactions such as stomach problems, migraines and eczema. Jim says, "Close to 20 percent of the population is milk intolerant and could drink Eby Manor milk, but they just don't know it".


Besides these amazing nutritional benefits, Jim adds that it simply tastes better and that the flavour is richer and fuller. This tops off the reasons why we've decided to use Eby Manor milk to make Four All Ice Cream.  Jim, excited about the partnership, tells me his favourite flavour of ice cream: "You're going to think I'm terribly boring, but a good vanilla is better than anything". I promised him that we would make a superb vanilla in his honour.


You can visit Eby Manor farm anytime by calling Jim yourself and setting up a time. Click here to visit their website and learn more about the farm, Guernsey milk, and where to buy their products.


Photos from Eby Manor website.

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