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You all probably know the Crumby Coookie Dough Co. from our delicious gluten free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, and their awesome small-batch edible cookie dough. These two gals have also been joining us at our DTK Summer Pop-up for #CrumbyWednesday, where you can pick up scoops of their fresh cookie dough, or add a scoop to your ice cream! 


We got to sit down with them and ask some questions about how they started their small business, and find out more about their Cookie Dough Co.!


How did they meet?

Sara and Jen met in the restaurant industry. Jen worked in the front of house, and Sara had a background in cooking/baking. 


How long has the Crumby Cookie Dough Co been around? 

About a year and a half.


What was the first thing they worked on when they started?

They worked on perfecting Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. They tested a bunch of different ingredients and went through tons of batches to find the perfect recipe. They knew the importance of having a solid base to start with, so they wanted the recipe to be the best. 



What created their sassy branding?

They knew they wanted the ability to have fun with their brand. They liked the idea of putting a face to their branding, which inspired the creation of the 1962 retro-housewife theme. 


How many different flavours do they make? 

10-12. There is always 6 core flavours, and you can check out the full list on their website.


What are their future plans for the co?

They just launched take-home pints (which you can pick up from our pop-up location) and are now available at Zero Waste Bulk! In the next few years they would like to focus on bake-able cookie dough and wholesaling to grocery stores.


Where can you find them? 

www.thecrumbycookiedoughco.com and @thecrumbycookiedoughco, Facebook and Twitter. They also do catering and events for all sorts of venues!


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