Tell All Thursday: Tasting Day at Vista Hills

Tell All Thursday: Tasting Day at Vista Hills

We are on a mission with Vista Hills! Fourall is teaming up with the parents, teachers and students of Vista Hills Public School  to raise money for a playground! Using the power of delicious ice cream we are going to be selling a flavour invented by the Vista Hills Students in June with proceeds going towards building a playground.


Each class at Vista Hills has created an ice cream flavour and now the students are in the process of deciding which flavour will be available at FourAll in June! Today we headed over to Vista Hills with tubs of the top 4 invented flavours so that the students could sample and vote on their favourite creation!


Flavours Dreamt Up By The Vista Hills Ice Cream Dreamers

1. Hawk Chocolate - Chocolate Ice Cream with gooey marshmallow ribbons and red & white sprinkles

2. Big Dream Chew -  Cotton Candy Ice Cream with bubble gum pieces


3. Maple Apple Fritter -  Maple Cinnamon Ice Cream with apple pastry pieces throughout

4. Hero Swirl - Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry Swirl with pop-rock “gems”


This creative and delicious fundraiser is made possible by the amazing parent volunteers  of Vista Hills Outside who are spearheading the playground mission!


We are reaching out to the Fourall community to help these Ice Cream Dreamers! You can support the students of Vista Hills by buying their ice cream flavour at FourAll in June of course, but you can donate directly to the cause as well.

Donating Options:


  • Made payable to WEFI with Vista Hills Playground in the memo field


  • Click on donate online
  • Choose Vista Hills Public School for the “fund” and in the Message for WEFI please write: Vista Hills Playground



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