Tell All Thursday: Pop-up Shop Reveal!

Four All Ice Cream, Pop-up Shop, DTK

We are so excited to announce that the location of our Summer 2019 Pop-up Shop will be located in the heart of Downtown Kitchener, right inside of the DTK Square!


(sneak peak of the before pics down below!)


Our goal for the space is to share our love of ice cream with the community, and also create opportunities for collaboration and creativity - in whatever form that might come in. Given that this is our first pop-up shop, we want to welcome unexpected partnerships and be open to new possibilities, and take full advantage of this wonderful space. 


We are excited to be offering our classic scoops and cones at the pop-up shop, which will be a great extension of our retail and Factory space (previously The Tasting Room). AND, we will be bringing in our soft-serve cart to accompany the scooping counter, which will give everyone new and exciting options for all your ice cream desires. 


We will have more specific details about the shop (including opening date) to reveal in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned on our social media! 

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