Four All: 2019 Season - April 29th, 2019 Opening Day

Four All: 2019 Season - April 29th, 2019 Opening Day

Hold on to your hats – there are big changes ahead!  We get excited about new projects and shaking things up every year. For our 3rd summer we have some brand new ways that we plan to be in the community.


The Four All Ice Cream Factory (previously the Tasting Room) – has gotten a facelift for the season, and has been changed to better serve us as our factory location. Instead of scooping from this tiny (but charming) space, we will be focusing on having cubes and other take-home ice cream available. This will be the place to go to peek through the window and see us making the ice cream and pick up cubes of our current flavours. You will also be able to get some of our previous flavours that our Stockists may not have available anymore.



The Cone Counter is now a permanent part of the Graffiti Market, meaning they are now one of our many Stockists. The same great ice cream in scoops and cube will be available there daily, including our famous ice cream taco.  Don’t worry – not much will change at the Cone Counter! The Graffiti team plans to scoop ice cream and continue using our recipe for gluten-free cones. They will also continue serving Four All Ice Cream as part of their menu and stock their freezers with cubes.


Here are other places to get Four All Ice Cream this summer:


  • Our Stockists – this is our community; these are our people! Check our website frequently to find our growing list of stores, farms, restaurants and more that stock cubes and scoops around KW and beyond. To start off this summer season, you will be able to get scoops at Kultrun Market in Uptown Waterloo and Graffiti Market in Kitchener.
  • Ice Cream Pop-Ups & Socials – We have a shiny new Four All van, a Scoop Cart AND a Sundae Cart that we are planning to take out on the town this season! Stay tuned to see where we will be popping-up around the community to serve you our summer flavours.
  • Events – we are already booked for many of the events happening throughout the summer in KW! Stay tuned to our social pages and our website for announcements of where we will be.


All of this said, we are a-l-w-a-y-s up to something and working on new projects. We are so excited for another summer of ice cream and can't wait to tell you more about what were doing in the coming months.


If you ever have questions about where we are or have suggestions about where we should be, feel free to contact us on our social pages or by email at - we are always here to help you get good ice cream.

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