Four All Ice Cream, Legacy Greens, DTK, Kitchener

#LocalFeature: Legacy Greens

July 29 2019
We met up with Legacy Greens' Owner and Founder, Jordan Dolson to chat this week.
Four All Ice Cream

Wicked Wednesday: Mulled Pumpkin Chai Cider

October 4 2017

Hello October and Happy #WickedWednesday! We went over to Legacy Greens to grab one of their perfectly curated cider mulling kits to make ourselves  a fall-inspired ice cream cocktail this week.

Four All Ice Cream

Try This At Home: Vegan & Gluten-Free Blueberry Coconut Apple Crisp

September 26 2017

The weather feels like fall and summer have collided at high speeds! To match our weird surroundings, we made a dessert that collides the begins of the fall harvest with the height of summer chilling.

Four All Ice Cream

Wicked Wednesday: Rhubarb & Lime Margarita

May 24 2017
Summer weather is on its way and that means we need a good collection of patio drinks! We were mixing it up and decided to make a Rhubarb and Lime Margarita using our May vegan flavour Rhubarb Sorbet.
Four All + Legacy Greens

Four All + Legacy Greens

April 20 2017
A large part of Four All Ice Cream is our community partnerships that allow us to sell ice cream all around KW and we would never be able to do that without the businesses that put us on the shelves. So this week's "supplier series" is turned stockists series, in order to brag about our friends Legacy Greens.